Incognito in Numbers

Project, Team, Blockchain Info

Core Development Members41
no ICO, no VC funding
Total Supply PRV100M
Blockchain TypeProof of Stake, sharding
Nodes per Shard32
Block production40 seconds per block
Epoch (earning cycle)350 blocks
Validators (Nodes in the network)2,768
Stake amount per Validator1,750 PRV
April, 2021

Financial Numbers

Feb ’21March ’21April ’21
BTC, ETH, USDT and 95+ other tokens
$ 63M$ 82M$ 100M
price on pDEX
$ 2.30$ 2.89$ 3.01
Trade volume$ 84M$ 161M$ 225M
Liquidity$ 29.5M$ 43M$ 44M

Starting April 2021, the Incognito Team changed their focus from growth to development.